Waterproof Baby Dry Sheet/Mattress Protector (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 499.00 Rs. 319.00
1) The My Armor Baby Dry Sheet provides excellent protection against liquids, and its interlocking borders prevent spillage and increase durability.
2) MY ARMOR Baby dry sheet is hypoallergenic, Premium, Washable and light weight , easy to carry and handle. 
3) MY ARMOR Dry sheet use a safer material called TPU which is toxic free, noise free and totally breathable. It also prevents dust mites and bugs.
4) Made from breathable 280 GSM microfiber fleece fabric which remains cool and comfortable.
5)  Stitched Borders Makes It More Durable and longlasting.
6) Dry sheets from My Armor are waterproof and breathable, making them ideal as a baby care and travel item as well as a household product.