Plant Based Non Toxic Organic Floor Cleaning Liquid

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SKU: MA10-PF-1
1) With the My Armor floor cleaner, you can take better care of your home and maintain a healthier environment. My Armor floor cleaner kills 99.9% of germs.
2) Plant based Ingredients: With our formula and surfactants, floor cleaner fights toughest of stains with ease. With all our ingredients used, we’re pet and baby safe.
3) Safe and Effective: With our product you can find less usage of liquid and get more cleaning. Just use 22ml in half bucket and shine your floors.
4) My Armor floor cleaner has Neutral pH level, which makes it non-reactive to any surface, also safe and gentle for hands. We’re baby and pet safe.
5) This natural lemon and eucalyptus fragrance works like a magic spell to wipe all stains and leaves a very pleasant fragrance for you.