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Popular Questions

  • Why do you need to replace your pillows?

  • The best time to replace your pillows is when they have lost their support or shape. You can also replace them if there are signs of wear and tear, such as dents and tears in the pillowcase or pillow.

  • What kind of pillow works best for me?

  • The best kind of pillow depends on what type of sleeper you are and how long you sleep at night. It may be more comfortable for side sleepers to use a thicker pillow since it aligns their neck and head perfectly due to their high shoulders. On the other hand, back and stomach sleepers may prefer thinner pillows that reduce neck strain since thin pillows align their neck, back, and shoulders perfectly for optimum support.

  • What are the rules for a 30 Days trial?

  • Once you've purchased a My Armor pillow, we want you to try it out for 30 Days and make sure it feels comfortable, as new pillows may need time to adjust to your regular sleep preferences. If you’re not happy with the product, you can raise a return request and return the product within the stipulated time period. 

  • How will I receive my ordered pillow?

  • In order to protect your pillow, it will be sealed in a sealed pack bag and enclosed in an outer box

  • How often should I replace my pillows?

  • An average person spends one-third of his or her life asleep, which means that a pillow has a lot of time to deteriorate. Ideally, pillows should be changed every two to three years.

  • How do I unpack my pillow to start using it?

  • To unpack and use your pillow, follow these steps:

    Step 1 : Cut the plastic, then allow the pillow to fully expand (at least 1 hour prior to using).Cut the plastic, then allow the pillow to fully expand (at least 1 hour prior to using).

    Step 2: Next, remove the tags that are sewn into the pillowcase.

    Step 3: Then, place your pillow onto your bed and remove any excess air from the pillow by pressing down on it with both hands.

    Step 4: Finally, smooth out any wrinkles (in case) before using your new pillow.

    Step 5: Enjoy The Wholesome Experience and Good Night Sleep.



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