Plant Based Non Toxic Laundry Liquid Detergent

Rs. 239.00 Rs. 219.00
1) Plant Based Laundry Gel is effective on stains. This Laundry liquid is non toxic in nature that makes it baby safe and pet safe. 
2) Natural Ingredients: My Armor uses all-natural plant- based surfactants, bio-degradable preservatives, as ingredients. 
3) How does it work?: Our laundry liquid is made with 6 enzymes cleaning power which can easily remove tough stains and bad odor from clothes.
4) Use 30ml for regular use and 45ml for heavy wash. Our liquid is suitable for both hand and machine wash.
5) Refreshing Citrus Fragrance: This natural citrus fragrance works like a magic spell to wipe all stains and leaves a very pleasant citrus fragrance for you.