USP Grade Epsom Bath Salt with Scoop

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 269.00
1)  My Armor brings you Lab Tested 100% Pure, USP Grade Magnesium Sulphate that is Ideal for Gardening, Plantation and a Soothing Bath.
2)  35ml Scoop Included for ease of use and silica gel to keep moisture away.
3) GARDENING AND PLANTATION: Just add 1 scoop in 4 litter water, mix it and water your plants.
4) Low Grain size helps dissolves quickly in warm running water.
5) Soothe Aching & Tired Feet: Just add 2 Scoop of Epsom Salt in a tub of warm water and use it to soak away the stress.
6) Relaxes Muscles: Mix with shower gel to create your own body scrub which clean pores and detoxify the skin.